Zhang Yixing’s blockbuster drama is criticized for charging viewers, the “purge” of Cbiz leaves no one behind!

Zhang Yixing’s Crime Crackdown was criticized for taking advantage of paid streaming services.

The Chinese entertainment industry has been taken by storm over the past few days after a series of top celebrities were investigated and blacklisted. After Zhao Wei was under investigation for illegal activities, the authorities seem to be turning to both dramas and online platforms. On July 27, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission criticized the drama Crime Crackdown for taking advantage of paid streaming services.


Crime Crackdown revolves around the investigation process of a frontline police officer Li Cheng Yang to wipe out the evil forces that have been around for more than ten years. The drama is considered a TV blockbuster with the participation of an all-star cast including Sun Hong Lei, Liu Yi Jun, Zhang Yi Xing, Wu Yue,…


Crime Crackdown uses the VVIP package, which means that viewers who have purchased the VIP package still have to spend more money on another more advanced package to watch the full episodes.  The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission claimed that this is depriving the viewers of the right to stream, trying to suck up the money of viewers.

Although Crime Crackdown has only been warned and has not yet been taken down, netizens can’t help but worry about other dramas that are now streaming online.  The paid streaming services have grown rapidly in recent years in China. Those who pay for the VIP package (fast track) will be the first ones to watch and enjoy more episodes. Crime Crackdown is not the only drama that is charging viewers.

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