“A Business Proposal” released a horror-movie-like poster: Foreshadowing Kim Se Jeong and Ah Hyo Seop breaking up?

“A Business Proposal” is confusing the audience with a series of melancholy images

Recently, SBS surprised moviegoers when it released ghostly poster images for “A Business Proposal”. With the main gloomy black tone and a series of tense expressions from the 4 actors, most of the audience could not help but be startled by the latest series of images of the film.

Some people even think that the station is intentionally revealing a bad ending for the series, especially when “A Business Proposal” is coming to an end.

However, soon after, some netizens noticed that this was simply a joke from the crew of the series on the occasion of April Fools’ Day. When knowing the truth, everyone expressed interest in the humor from the station. Others breathed a sigh of relief because there was still hope for a satisfying and happy ending for the characters in the film.

a business proposal

A Business Proposal” has officially aired for more than 1 month and only 2 more episodes, the drama will officially say goodbye to the audience. When it was just released, the film quickly received attention thanks to its beautiful cast and interesting content.

The series revolves around the love story of director Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Hari (Kim Se Jeong). From their first sightings and fake dating contracts, they officially fell in love and experienced romantic moments together. But unfortunately, through the trailers for the new episode, the audience is afraid that the two main characters will encounter events, even break up in grief.

A Business Proposal

Although it is not clear what the ending of the characters will be, moviegoers are eagerly waiting for the final episodes of “A Business Proposal” to be broadcast on SBS on Monday and Tuesday evenings next week.

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