“Doctor Cha” Uhm Jung Hwa wants to play the role of Yeon Jin in “The Glory” 

Actress Uhm Jung Hwa of “Doctor Cha” expressed her desire to play Yeon Jin, the main villain of “The Glory”. 

On May 20th, actress Uhm Jung Hwa, who is causing a “Cha Jung Sook craze” with her ongoing drama “Doctor Cha”, appeared on JTBC’s “Newsroom”.

That day, when asked if she feels the “Cha Jung Sook craze”, Uhm Jung Hwa said, “I wake up early in the morning and check it out”, adding, “I’m so happy. Thank you”.


“I think people are curious about and support the growth of the ‘single career woman’ Cha Jung Sook”, Uhm Jung Hwa revealed the secret of her character’s popularity, saying “There are many Cha Jung Sooks in the world. I feel like people can laugh and cry with her in sympathy.”

Uhm Jung Hwa has previously mentioned that she chose “Doctor Cha” because she empathized with the parts that resemble her. She said, “As I get older, I feel that the number of works I’m offered is decreasing. I feel great sympathy while watching “Doctor Cha”. It was a fortunate opportunity that gave me energy.”

Next, when asked which part of “Doctor Cha” she wants to resemble, Uhm Jung Hwa said, “She’s totally refreshing. I’m (blood) type A, so I tend to hold back what I want to say and do. But Cha Jung Sook acts without hesitation. I want to resemble her when she refreshingly makes the other person not feel bad.” 

The actress then cited a refreshing scene, saying, “It’s the scene where she slaps her husband when he’s asleep. Many people liked it when she couldn’t hold back and slapped him, and I also felt the same.”


Moreover, about her husband in the drama, Kim Byung Chul, who excellently delivered his role, Uhm Jung Hwa said, “His expression was too appropriate even while watching his acting. He portrayed an unlikable role in a comical and cute way. He is truly charming.” 

The actress also commented, “He’s really serious in general. When he acts, his eyes sparkle and it stimulates me. I’m lucky to have met a co-actor who expresses all scenes in a ‘delicious’ and ‘annoying’ way.”

Uhm Jung Hwa then cited a line from the 10th episode of “Doctor Cha” as a memorable line and explained, “I like the look of her resolution to find her own happiness.”

Afterwards, when responding to a question about whether she is satisfied with “Cha Jung Sook’s choice”, Uhm Jung Hwa raised curiosity by laughing and saying, “I totally like it.”

Uhm Jung Hwa celebrated her 30th debut anniversary last year. Speaking humbly, she said, “I seem to be lucky”, adding, “I enjoyed challenges and new attempts, thank you for always loving me. I’m happy.” 

“As (I) have passed the period when there was no place to lean on, I felt that the person going ahead can become a strength (for those who follow). I want to be that person, so I want to do well”, she also added.

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On that note, Uhm Jung Hwa expressed her interest in the role of Yeon Jin in “The Glory”. She then brought laughter by parodying a famous line from “The Glory”, saying, “Yeon Jin, I’m on ‘Newsroom’ right now.”

Regarding her future self, Uhm Jung Hwa said, “I hope to be more awesome in 10 years.” 

She also reminisced about working on the K-drama “Our Blues”, where she closely observed seniors Kim Hye Ja and Go Doo Shim, commenting, “They really love acting.” 

“I hope that, without being confined by age, I can always shine by playing the roles I can take on”, the actress finally concluded. 

Source: Daum

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