“Young Lady and Gentleman” finale’s script reportedly completed… Is it a happy ending for Ji Hyun-woo and Lee Se-hee? 

The script for the last episode of “Young Lady and Gentleman” starring Ji Hyun-woo and Lee Se-hee has finally come out.

According to Star News on March 17th, writer Kim Sa-kyung of KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentleman” recently completed the script for the last episode (episode 52).

young lady and gentleman

Young Lady and Gentleman” is a turbulent story that revolves around Lee Young-guk (Ji Hyun-woo), a widower with three children, and Park Dan-dan (Lee Se-hee), a live-in tutor for his kids to whom he becomes attracted to. It premiered on September 25th, 2021. Episode 48, which aired on March 13th, recorded the work’s own highest viewership rating of 38.2% (Nielsen Korea’s national standard), continuing its popularity.

young lady and gentleman

The script for the last episode of “Young Lady and Gentleman” has been delivered to the cast, staff and is in the final stages of filming. The filming is scheduled to end on March 22nd.

With 4 episodes left until the end, attention is focused on whether Park Dan-dan and Lee Young-guk will have a happy ending. In addition, people are paying attention to how the relationship between various characters surrounding the two will be sorted out. In order not to halve viewers’ interest, the production team reportedly issued a gag order regarding the last episode.

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