“Young and rich” BTS members reveal the amount of pocket money they give to their cousins ​on Chuseok

How much pocket money do BTS members give their cousins during the holiday? 

BTS is in the midst of preparing for a free concert this October in Busan in the city’s bid to host the 2020 World Expo. Although they are busy, to celebrate Chuseok, the members still gathered in hanboks and did a live broadcast on Weverse to talk with fans. 

Wearing elegant and beautiful hanboks, BTS gained praise for promoting the traditional beauty of Korea to fans around the world. 

BTS members asked each other what they were going to do during Chuseok as they were taking a break from activities. In fact, BTS members were always busy, so they never had a proper rest during the holidays after their debut.

Jin said, “I went home in advance last week.” J-Hope also said, “I met my family in advance last week.” BTS members decided to spend time with their families in advance, considering the traffic jam on their way home on Chuseok.

Leader RM then talked about his memories as a child, saying that whenever he went to his hometown on holidays, his parents fought because the road was blocked every time.

He imitated his parents, saying, “They were fighting like ‘Is this way right?’ and ‘That way is right’“. The members also showed sympathy and said they experienced that too.

They also talked about the holiday pocket money. 

BTS, a world-famous artist, is estimated to have already amassed tens of billions of won at a young age. They made about 94.6 billion won in profits from concerts in the first half of this year alone.

J-Hope said, “Now I’m old enough to give pocket money.” V asked the members, “If you give too much, it’s a bit… How much do you give?”

Jin confessed that he would give about 50,000 to 100,000 won. He said he was giving his relatives and siblings the same amount of pocket money he received as a child.

J-Hope was surprised, saying, “Isn’t that too much?” Jin said, “Prices have risen a lot. Even middle and high school students usually carry about 10,000 to 20,000 won, so I may feel that I give less.” RM sympathized and added, “These days, even children wear luxury shoes.”

Source: insight

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