YG’s senior boygroups react to BIG BANG’s “Still Life”: Everyone shows admiration, TREASURE members even burst into tears

A video of YG boy groups’ reactions when watching BIG BANG’s “Still Life” music video for the first time was released on April 16th, drawing keen attention.

In the video, Winner, iKON and TREASURE gathered in an auditorium, which is decorated like a movie theater, in YG’s new building, which is located in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul. YG held an internal event and let their artists watch the music video of BIG BANG’s recently released new song “Still Life”.

As BIG BANG, which led the globalization of K-pop and gave their seniors the dream of becoming a singer, made their comeback after 4 years, everyone was very excited and curious about the comeback song. Before watching the music video, Winner, iKON and TREASURE members were asked, ‘What kind of artist is BIG BANG to you?’, and they began to immersed in memories. 

They answered, “I think of them as a frame. They made this frame and many artists and music came out being influenced by them (Winner)”, “They’re our idol, our celebrity (iKON), “Artist that let us know the beauty of singers. Honestly, they made us be who we are today (TREASURE)”, respectively. Then they all said, “As juniors and fans, we have also waited for them for such a long time. It’s an honor to be here and watch the music video of the new song by the senior that we really admire”.


Their excitement only lasted for a short moment, and when the music video of “Still Life” was played, all of them quickly became immersed in emotions. The vocal line poured out compliments for Tae-yang and Dae-sung’s parts, and the rappers showed admiration when it came to G-Dragon and T.O.P’s parts. Some members of TREASURE even shed tears.


After watching the music video, Winner said, “This is a masterpiece. You can tell they really put a lot of thought into it”. TREASURE confessed, “I think there are mixed emotions. We’re watching the present, and there are no clips from the past but we keep thinking about the past”. iKON applauded and shared, “It makes you look back on your past memories but also look forward to your future. I think it’s a story about life”.


Meanwhile, BIG BANG’s “Still Life” is gaining sympathy from music fans around the world with its beautiful melody as well as poetic metaphors and sincere narratives of the lyrics that make us all look back on our youth. 

The song, which topped the worldwide iTunes chart in 33 regions on the first day of its release, has been dominating the No.1 spot on domestic major music chars, such as Melon’s Top 100 and 24Hits, Genie, Bugs, VIBE and FLO for 13 days.

Still Life” also ranked No.3 and No.9 on the latest chart release of Billboard Global Excl. U.S and Billboard Global 200, respectively, proving that the song is so popular in the mainstream pop music market.

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