Turning 40 in a month, Goo Hye Sun stuns netizens with her youthful beauty like a college student in her 20s

Goo Hye Sun, soon to be in her 40s, shows off her “vampire beauty”.  

On November 29th, Goo Hye Sun posted several photos on her personal Instagram with the caption, “It’s the final exam period.”

Goo Hye-sun

In the photos, in front of a pink background, Goo Hye Sun is showing off her naturally youthful and refreshing beauty that looks impossible to believe that she’s 39 years old.

Goo Hye-sun

Goo Hye Sun, who is currently attending Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of Film, was not dressing up because it is during the busy final exam period.

Goo Hye-sun
Goo Hye-sun

However, even in a gray hooded zip-up, Goo Hye Sun still manages to show off her innocent and pretty visuals. Netizens are admiring her refreshing image, including her glass-like pure white skin.

Goo Hye Sun’s current look is not much different when compared to the pictures that she took with the webcam during her Ulzzang days 20 years ago.

Netizens expressed envy, leaving comments such as, “She’s definitely a campus goddess,” and “Are you a vampire? You have not aged at all.”

Goo Hye-sun

Goo Hye Sun has been noticed by many people for her extraordinary beauty since her high school days. When Goo Hye Sun was 17 years old, photos of her were posted on an Ulzzang site, which made her famous and make way for her to enter the entertainment industry.

She made her debut in 2002 in a commercial. Since then, she has starred in MBC’s ‘Nonstop 5’, SBS’s ‘The King and I’, KBS2’s ‘Boys Over Flowers’, and ‘Blood’.

Goo Hye-sun

Goo Hye Sun is a versatile artist. She is also talented in singing and painting. She has released music albums and unveiled her own paintings in exhibitions.

In 2016, she married Ahn Jae Hyun, with whom she co-starred in ‘Blood’, but they divorced in 2019.

Source: Insight. 

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