Song Hae Na, “I gained 8kg after eating food at Park Na Rae’s house for a week”

Model-entertainer Song Hae Na and comedian Lee Guk Joo guest on “Problem Child in House”.

Appearing on KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House”, which is scheduled to air on November 30th, Song Hae Na, who has been living “the life of a soccer player” by doing various sports programs rather than a model, told an unexpected secret.

Park Narae- Song Haena

Song Hae Na, who recently made headlines with the confession that she is more into ‘soccer’ than dating, revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend because of soccer. The model said, “I couldn’t meet my boyfriend often because he was busy with soccer practices. As I tried to relieve my anger through soccer after breaking up, my skills improved significantly”, making everyone laugh hard with the funny anecdote. Song Hae Na confessed that she is more familiar with the life of a soccer player than a model, saying “I’m not getting any job as a model”.

Song Hae Na also revealed the crisis in the past that almost caused her to retire as a model after appearing on Park Na Rae’s show. She said, “I appeared on ‘Na Rae’s Bar’ and couldn’t come out of my house for a week. I went outside only for schedules”. Song Hae Na surprised everyone when she said, “I ate the food that Na Rae unnie made for me 24 hours a day for a week and gained 8kg”. She continued, “I didn’t know I gained weight until I had a filming with sportswear”, revealing the dark past she wanted to erase.

Source: Daum

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