IVE’s Wonyoung reveals her childhood photos in “Show What I Have” theme film

IVE’s Wonyoung has revealed her current situation after a long time.

On the evening of Nov 20th, a self-introduction video of Wonyoung (18) was uploaded on IVE‘s official SNS channel. Former IZ*ONE member Wonyoung drew attention by introducing herself as a rookie as she is debuting under a new group. The idol released some of her childhood photos and introduced, “My name means shining forever.”

Jang Wonyoung childhood pictures

Little Wonyoung, who was as pretty and tall as she is now, was a “natural beauty” herself. Wonyoung then drew admiration by showing off her superior ratio of more than 170cm tall, saying, “Now I’ve grown up to be a ‘Giant Baby’.”

As Wonyoung is working as an advertising model for various fashion and beauty brands, she confessed, “I’m into fashion and beauty these days. I’m gonna tell you a secret. Sometimes I hold fashion shows alone at home.” She also shared her energy charging method, “My hobby is to dress up and go to restaurants, but in fact, I like sleeping at home the most.”

Meanwhile, IVE is scheduled to debut on Dec 1st. Fans are already paying keen attention to what kind of unique performances Wonyoung, who has been attracting a lot of attention even before her debut, will show through IVE’s debut this time.


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