BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rosé share gorgeous photos taken during the U.S. trip after returning to Korea

BLACKPINK’s Jennie – Rosé have treated fans to a series of new beautiful photos taken in the U.S.

Currently, after some time in the States, all 3 members of BLACKPINK, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa have returned to Korea. On their own Instagram accounts, the members have posted a series of new photos taken during the trip and taken social media by storm. 

If Jennie draws attention with 3 bare-faced photos, Roséspams” Instagram’s feed with new photos taken at different places. In the photos at the subway station with the film camera effect, Rosé makes fans “swoon” because of her pretty and pure visuals. Rosé also shares photos of her posing in the hotel room. She wears shorts and shows off her signature tiny ant waist and surreal long legs. 


blackpink rose
Only when she returned to Korea did Rosé release a series of photos taken in New York, USA.  In the unedited photos, the radiant and beautiful visual of the female idol still stands out
blackpink rose
blackpink rose
But the series of photos taken in Rosé’s hotel room made people stunned.  She wore short pants, showing off her famously long legs…
blackpink rose
…with an incredibly small waist
blackpink rose
Rosé’s legs are many girls’ dream
blackpink rose
The BLACKPINK member also has a bed-scene photo


blackpink jennie
Jennie is almost completely bare-faced, but her hot body is still very attractive
blackpink jennie
Jennie naturally exudes a sexy, alluring aura without having to “try to show it”. Jennie has the advantage of sexy curves, which makes her look so seductive.
blackpink jennie
As a trendsetter, a fashion icon, Jennie still looks cool in such a unique pair of boots.


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