YG still remains silent regarding dating rumors of its artists, it’s deceit at this point

YG Entertainment has been silent despite a series of dating rumors of its artists. At this point, some even complained that it is an act of deceiving fans.

AKMU member Lee Chan-hyuk has recently been embroiled in a dating rumor with fromis_9 member Lee Sae-rom, which started from an article posted on the online community. The article contains claims that the two visited an art workshop hand in hand and purchased some works together.

lee chan hyuk - lee sae rom

As the post spread and grows into rumors of a dating relationship, there were also suspicions of them doing “Lovestagram” as the two are seen posting photos that appeared to have been taken at the same place on their SNS.

Music fans have been curious about the authenticity of this rumor, but both YG and Source Music have not expressed any position.

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Music fans are also mocking the romance rumor, saying, “The rumor will just float away like this.” YG’s attitudes toward its singers’ romantic relationships are cited as the reason for such responses.

YG has announced a policy of “unable to confirm” along with the expression “private domain” and “private life” for most of its singers’ romantic relationships.


Recently, the same position was conveyed regarding BIGBANG G-Dragon and BLACKPINK Jennie‘s, and WINNER’s Kang Seung-yoon and actor Moon Ji-hyo‘s dating rumors.

YG also remained quiet regarding Jennie and BTS V’s dating rumor, which was raised along with the leakage of their private photos. A long time later, the agency reported its legal response to the hacker who leaked Jennie’s photos, but still did not reveal its position on the rumor.

jennie bts v

At this point, many are criticizing that YG is considering fans as its “ATM” only. There is also a sharp criticism that this is an “act of deception” as it runs a business that sells content and products to fans but is passive in conveying information that may affect customers’ purchase decisions.

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