Lee Yoo Mi: A supporting actress for 12 years suddenly shines in ‘Squid Game’

Who is Lee Yoo Mi?

Lee Yoo Mi is a Korean actress, starting to join the entertainment industry in 2009 and acting since 2010. However, her name has only really been noticed after taking on a supporting role in ‘Squid Game’ – a drama that is causing fever on Netflix right now. So who is Lee Yoo Mi that is so hot, let’s find out the information in the article below!

Information, biography Lee Yoo Mi

Real name: Lee Yoo Mi (이유미)

Year of birth: July 18, 1994

Height: 1m62

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Hometown: Korea

Occupation: Actor

Instagram: leeyoum262

Specializes in supporting roles for 12 years

Lee Yoo Mi has been active in the Korean entertainment industry for nearly 12 years, with a total of 16 dramas and 13 movies from 2010 to the present. Despite having such a long career experience, she is not ranked among the A-list stars of Kbiz. The reason is that this 27-year-old female star always only plays supporting roles.

It is known that the actress is working under the management company Varo Entertainment. Other information about this beautiful girl is almost invisible on SN and so far has not been paid much attention by people. Some movies the actress has participated in include: ‘Hostage: Missing Celebrity’, ‘Park Hwa Young’, ‘The Whispering’, ‘Young Adult Matters’,…

Notably, even though they are just supporting roles, the characters in the movies that the actress takes on have complex inner feelings, requiring professional expression. Therefore, her talent has been recognized by Korean experts many times as quite good. Even in the movie ‘Hostage Missing Celebrity’, she once “beat” 1,000 other people at the casting round to get her role.

Shinethanks to her role in “Squid Game”

In 2021, Lee Yoo Mi continues to take on the supporting role of Ji Young in ‘Squid Game’, shown on the Netflix platform. It is thanks to the skyrocketing effect of this mysterious survival film throughout Asian SNS that she quickly caught the attention of the people.

Image of the actress in the movie.

When participating in the mortal battle to win the prize money of 45.6 billion won, Ji Young paired with Kang Sae Byeok (played by HoYeon Jung). The new couple in Squid Game did not have many scenes together, but they took away countless tears from the audience because they were so touched. Her beauty and acting ability received a lot of compliments.

On the other hand, the reason the actress is also noticed by fans is that she possesses the beauty of “age hack” with smiling eyes and hybrid lines between the late Korean cult beauty – Sulli and Lee Sung Kyung – the female lead of ‘Weightlifting Fairy’.  If you just look at her face without knowing anything about her, you probably can’t believe that this young and beautiful beauty is 27 years old this year.

Some pictures of Lee Yoo Mi

Yoo Mi on the left and Sulli on the right have similar features.

With the recent sharing of her life and biography, we hope you know who Lee Yoo Mi is and have more useful information about this actress. 

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