Rosé has just released a dream-like music video for “GONE”!

The official MV for GONE out now!

At 0 o’clock on April 5 (KST), Rosé officially released MV Gone – the b-side track of the female idol’s debut single album. After nearly a month since the release of the MV for the title song On The Ground, Rosé has “unpacked” this long-hidden MV.

Fans can finally admire the dream-like footages and excellent visual of Rosé. In the MV Gone, the female idol also showed her acting ability when playing the role of a lovesick girl. “All my love is gone. Now you’re dead and gone …” but the memories are still there, appearing in her mind every minute, every hour.

In fact, this song was recorded 2 years ago. Rosé loves it so much that she believes the song is only for her. The song is also praised by the audience for its melody and lyrics. As for the MV, many segments were revealed in BLACKPINK’s concert at the end of January, but until now, after more than two months, fans can enjoy the full version of Gone.

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