Joo Ji-hoon is reportedly considering to star in “Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour”

Actor Joo Ji-hoon is reviewing a new work.

In a phone call with Dispatch on Sep 15th, H& Entertainment said, “Joo Ji-hoon received an offer to appear in ‘Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour’ and is in the process of considering it.”

“Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour” is a popular web novel written by Hansan iga. Hansan iga is an ear, nose and throat specialist. “Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour” was even produced as a webtoon due to its popularity.

joo ji hoon

It is a medical drama. The main character is Baek Kang-hyuk, a doctor and first-appointment professor who was appointed as the head of Severe Trauma Center. It tells the story of a developing severe trauma team led by him.

Joo Ji-hoon was offered the lead role Baek Kang-hyuk. Kang-hyuk is so good at surgery that he is nicknamed “Hand of God”. As a “psycho” with a sense of duty, he is called the savage angel of Severe Trauma Center.

joo ji hoon

If Joo Ji-hoon confirms his appearance, it will be his first medical drama after 10 years. In MBC-TV’s “Medical Top Team” (2013), he showed his cool and charismatic aspect as Top Team manager Han Seung-jae.

Meanwhile, Joo Ji-hoon will visit the audience with the films “Gentleman” and “Silence”. Recently, he also confirmed to appear in writer Lee Soo-yeon’s new work “Dominant Species”.

Source: dispatch

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