Actor who plays “Big Mouth” most hated character reacts to viewers swearing at him 

Playing the villain too well, this actor got cursed by angry viewers. 

With only 2 episodes left, MBC’s drama “Big Mouth”, led by Lee Jong Suk and Yoona, is coming to an end after a series of nerve-racking developments, twists and turns. 

kim joo hun

Actor Kim Joo Hun, who plays the story’s main villain,  Mayor Choi Do Ha is without doubt the most hated character in “Big Mouth” at this point. Choi Do Ha is not a bad guy by nature, but because he wants to avenge his late grandfather, he is ready to cause damage to and even get rid of those who stand in his way.

kim joo hun

Because of his excellent portrayal, Kim Joo Hun makes viewers even more mad at his character. Angry viewers even flooded the actor’s Instagram with comments swearing at the mayor. 

Faced with such negative reactions, Kim Joo Hun wrote on Instagram, “Curse all you want. It’s fine“.

kim joo hun

Before “Big Mouth”, Kim Joo Hun impressed the audience through other well-known dramas such as “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, “Dr. Romantic 2”, “Start Up”… He has received countless praise for his diverse acting performances. 

Source: SaoStar

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