BLACKPINK returned to their all-time famous pink concept for D-1 poster 

BLACKPINK honored their signature pink concept for poster shooting. 

BLACKPINK is among the few groups that embraced and elevated the “cheesy pink” concepts. (Image: YG Entertainment)

On September 15th (KST), BLACKPINK officially released their D-1 poster for the album “BORN PINK”, counting down 1 more day until its release. Returning to their “cheesy pink” concept, BLACKPINK was highly regarded by the wider K-pop fans for looking more stylish with every comeback. They thought that BLACKPINK was one of the few groups that could actually take on the pink-themed style and make it work. 


Rosé made the most impression for her unique hairstyle. Her braided bangs, amusingly resembling a shrimp’s mustache, helped to create a distinct look that was rarely done before. Her glistening blonde hair applied a barbie-like impression on the idol. While wearing a jeans dress with many weirdly-placed buckles, Rosé boasted her proportions and was not “swallowed” by the outfit. 

blackpink rose
Rosé’s looks caught the eyes for her unique hairstyle. (Image: YG Entertainment) 

Jisoo was not overwhelmed in her outfit and stood out with breath-taking charisma. She wore a ruffle-textured dress with big pink hoops. Her strand of highlight was also caught by fans, thinking back to her spoiler earlier this year. 

blackpink jisoo
Jisoo’s visuals generated a sensation after the poster’s release. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
blackpink jisoo
Fans thought back to Jisoo’s highlight-hairstyle spoil earlier. (Image: Newsen, YG Entertainment) 

Netizens and fans quickly realized Jennie was imitating her personal style  in this promotion poster. She used to wear a high-teen inspired look with plaited in twin tails in her Instagram photo. She also accessorized the old look with a chain necklace. 

Returning to her bangs, Lisa caught eyes for her more stylish hairdo. She was also more professional in her poses for shooting, showing off her photogenic angles.  

blackpink jennie
Apart from her outfits, Jennie’s makeup style drew attention. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
blackpink jennie
Her high-teen inspired braided twin-tail was her older style, seemingly recreated for the poster shooting. (Image: YG Entertainment, Instagram @jennierubyjane)
blackpink lisa
Lisa showed improvement in her poses for the camera. (Image: Vogue, YG Entertainment) 

BLACKPINK once took a pink-concept photoshoot for Vogue in 2020. They were styled with younger and feminine fashions. At the time, Lisa stole the spotlight for her bangs emulating a child-like and inncoent image. 

blackpink thumbnail
BLACKPINK made their appearance on Vogue in 2020. (Image: Vogue) 
blackpink rose jisoo
blackpink rose jisoo
Rosé and Jisoo in their pink-hued outfits. (Image: Vogue)
blackpink jennie lisa
Jennie and Lisa were compared to dolls in their photoshoots. (Image: Vogue) 

On their appearance in Jalouse China, the group stood out with their concept of blood red and hot pink. Lisa stood out with her satin dress and a proportionate body. 

The members radiated chic energy and aura in Jalouse magazine shooting. (Image: Jalouse) 

Looking at the evolution of BLACKPINK’s photoshoots with pink concepts, the audiences are startled by the members’ growth throughout the year. With each new look, the member is more professional and well-rounded, from fashion to charisma. In whichever clothing, they are still the most gorgeous to fans. 

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