18+ adult clips of Li Yifeng started to spread across the net, following the prostitution scandal

After his prostitution scandal, adult clips presumed to be of Li Yifeng made their way through various SNS platforms. 

On September 14th, a sex clip said to be of famous actor Li Yifeng was leaked, and immediately became a hot topic on the Chinese SNS platform Weibo. Previously, many other similar adult footage has also been spread, but this is the first time Li Yifeng’s face showed up somewhat clearly, and some even suspected the actor of having committed exhibitionism. 

Previously, Sina reported that the Beijing Police station confirmed that Li Yifeng was involved in the act of using prostitution services, leading to his rapid loss of reputation. This came as a huge shock to fans of the actor, as Li Yifeng has always proven to be a smart public figure with a clean image. 

Li Yifeng
Li Yifeng, who once had an extremely great reputation, has fallen from grace 

In addition, immediately after Li Yifeng’s prostition scandal, various other controversies also came to light. The actor was said to have paid internet influencer Blase Wanwan to travel with him to Koh Samui (Thailand) for 5 days and 4 nights, and yet denied all dating allegations. There are also rumors that he would often participate in Seungri’s all-out parties, and use “certain services” there.

Many Chinese bloggers also accused Li Yifeng of having a lot of indecent hobbies in his daily life. Even after being arrested for using prostitution services, the actor tried to use his connection to keep his image clean, they said. 

As Li Yifeng is among the most popular male celebrities in China, his prostitution scandal has seen no sign of dying down. Along with him, various other male artists have also been dragged into the mess, with rising malicious rumors being directed at GOT7 Jackson, Wang Yibo, Jay Chou, William Chan, and more. 

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