BLACKPINK’s documentary film, “THE MOVIE” became the highest grossing event cinema release in 2021

According to CJ 4DPLEX and Trafalgar Releasing, BLACKPINK’s “The Movie” has become the event cinema release that earned the highest revenue in 2021.

BLACKPINK’s “The Movie” attracted more than 500,000 fans all over the world, flocking the cinemas to enjoy the movie, making it the “event cinema release” that is attended by the largest number of audiences.

The movie was premiered to celebrate BLACKPINK’s 5th anniversary and was available in many special formats, such as ScreenX, 4DX, and 4DX Screen.

“The Movie” had come to 3,400 cinemas with limited viewers due to the spreading of Corona Virus. After the social distancing period, the dates on which “The Movie” is going to be on air in other Asian markets are expected to be released.

On its first showing on August 4, “The Movie” ranked No.6 on the U.S’ movie chart. After being released on more than 100 screens, “The Movie” received the 2nd highest result, only behind Disney’s “Jungle Cruise”.

BLACKPINK’s “The Movie” was also seen the most in Mexico on August 3, with a total amount of viewers exceeded 120,000 people.

Meanwhile, the movie also ranked No.3 on Turkey’s weekend movie chart, following “The Suicide Squad” and “Fast and Furious 9”. Moreover, it also attracted 15,000 views and gained 250.000 dollars in Saudi Arabia’s market.

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