“World’s Most Beautiful Woman” Nana guest-starred in Park Min Young’s “Love In Contract”: Little screen-time but high-quality appearance 

Idol-actress Nana stole the spotlight as a cameo in “Love In Contract”.

Love In Contract” is a series that marked the return of Park Min Young to the screen. Apart from the leading trio of the series, in the first two episodes, it also drew attention for the stunning appearance of Nana. Despite her passing appearance, Nana was the talk of the town for her beauty and physical attractiveness. Wearing a body-tight strapped dress that boasted her sexiness, viewers nodded in agreement as to why she was indeed the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”. 

Nana’s splendid image in the series 

In the series, Nana played an A-list actress who was caught in a dating rumor with Kang Hae Jin (Kim Jae Young) after their collaboration in a television show. From her appearance to acting, Nana was deemed to be perfect for this “minor but impactful” role. 

The filming crew for “Love In Contract” once shared that: “Even in terms of physical appearance, Nana was the perfect fit for the role of the cat-like actress who gets caught up in a dating scandal with Kim Jae Young in the drama. Even though her appearance was brief, she made a powerful impact”. 

Nana got the offer because the idol-actor appeared in the previous work of “Love In Contract” director, “Kill It” 

On the part of Nana, she is an idol-turned-actress, making a strong impression with a powerful acting performance no less capable than other professionals. She officially became an actress in 2015 for her “Go Lala Go” role. Not long after, she appeared in “The Good Wife” and “Kill It”, deriving reputation from these two works. During the course of her career, Nana always changed up her image, leaving a good record for herself. However, the actress does not film many projects, seldomly takes on new works. Recently, she appeared in the movie “Confession”, starring alongside So Ji Sub and Kim Yoon Jin. 


Image source: Naver

Source: K14

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