Kim Se-jeong’s recent situation with a short haircut… She lost weight and her beauty is at its peak

Kim Se-jeong revealed her daily life.

Former Gugudan member, singer and actress Kim Se-jeong recently posted some photos through her Instagram.

The photos released this time showed Kim Se-jeong enjoying spring on Jeju Island.

Above all, Kim Se-jeong cut her hair short and changed her hairstyle, drawing viewers’ attention as she became even more refreshing.

Kim Se-jeong

Meanwhile, Kim Se-jeong confirmed her appearance as the main character On Ma-eum in SBS’ new drama “Today’s Webtoon“. “Today’s Webtoon” revolves around former judo athlete On Ma-eum, who struggles together with her coworkers to mature into a true webtoon editor after joining the webtoon editorial department.

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