‘World’s most beautiful face’ BLACKPINK’s Lisa stuns with her visual in latest photobook

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is breathtakingly beautiful in every shot. 

At the end of 2021, Lisa was selected by TC Candler as the most beautiful face in the world. Not taking on the visual position in BLACKPINK, but Lisa stands out with both her face and body. Kpop’s “Thai doll” is getting more and more attractive over time. Her visual is acknowledged by both fans and professionals. 

Photos from the latest LALISA photobook have proven Lisa’s world-class beauty. The youngest member of BLACKPINK pulls off every concept, from luxurious and fancy with Thai traditional costumes to glamorous, girl crush style in leather jacket on a motorcycle or cold and fierce like a snow princess. As expected of the world’s most beautiful face, Lisa looks stunning in all kinds of styles. “Physical queen” also shows off her charming figure, especially the iconic tiny ant waist.

BLACKPINK Lisa World most beautiful face’
The facial features of BLACKPINK’s maknae are clear. Lisa is not the visual of the group but she is appreciated for both her body and face
BLACKPINK Lisa World most beautiful face’
Fans are in awe of Lisa’s stunning close-up shots. With a face that makes her look like a living doll, perfect in every angle, no wonder Lisa tops the ranking of most beautiful faces in the world.
BLACKPINK Lisa World most beautiful face’
Lisa transforms into a snow princess with a cold and charismatic aura. Her big eyes are the sexiest part of the picture. 
BLACKPINK Lisa World most beautiful face’
Attention is drawn to Lisa’s flawless face 
BLACKPINK Lisa World most beautiful face’
Lisa has an iconic doll-like visual


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