With just one photo, Park Min Young revealed 4 “hints” that she is dating Park Seo Joon

Netizens couldn’t help but be curious and make predictions about the real relationship of Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon.

Park Min Young – Park Seo Joon is still one of the most noticed couples in Kbiz.  Despite always denying the relationship, the Park – Park couple revealed more and more dating “hints”, making people extremely curious. Thus, a recent post of Park Min Young on Instagram quickly drew attention.

Park Min Young’s latest photo has simultaneously revealed 4 dating hints with Park Seo Joon.  The couple has revealed a new love hint, that is how they wear rings on their index finger.  This coincidence makes many fans suspicious, because the index finger is not a very common place to wear rings.  Moreover, the couple also used double shoes and seemed to “check-in” at the same place. Many people even discovered that their dogs look very similar.

They wear rings on the same finger
Couple shoes?
They seem to take photos at the same place
Their pet dogs also look alike

Source: Instagram, K14

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