How great is the acting potential of BLACKPINK members? 

The music talents of BLACKPINK members are undeniable, but how will they fare when it comes to acting. 

6 years into their career, BLACKPINK has proven themselves as a multi-talented group with immense talent in the music and fashion realms. However, the members are showing their action potential as well.

Recently, Jennie appeared in a movie-like commercial film of the perfume brand Tamburins. While this is just a short TVC, the female idol managed to impress with her flexible expressions, strong body movements, and intense action sequences. She was even shown flying through the air and delivering strong “martial arts” movements.

In addition, Jennie will also make an appearance in the upcoming HBO series “The Idol”, where she will star along Hollywood stars like Lily Rose-Depp, Troye Sivan, and The Weeknd. In her acting debut, Jennie will reportedly show a different side as a bisexual, and through the teaser videos, has already flaunted her impressive acting. 

On the other hand, Jisoo is the first BLACKPINK member to try her hand at acting, and managed to make a deep impression right from her first leading role. Playing the female lead Young Ro in “Snowdrop”, Jisoo received numerous praise for her dedication, flexible expressions, and emotive acting that improved through each and every episode. The female idol also did dangerous action sequences herself, at the same time delivered intense feelings in emotional scenes, overall pulling off her character with utmost excellence. Recently, Jisoo was named as the Outstanding Korean Actress at the 2022 Seoul International Drama Awards – a testament of her impressive acting skills. 

Many fans believe Rosé will be the next member of BLACKPINK to make her acting debut. In the group’s music videos, the female idol specializes in taking on perilous scenes. She also has a variety of facial expressions. As a result, Rosé is believed to be capable of starring in action scenes.

Lisa is also expected to follow in the footsteps of the group members. Previously, the female idol had impressive scenes such as off-road racing in LALISA, or a heartbroken girl in Lovesick Girls.

Source: yan

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