Black Pink avoids being ‘humiliated’ thanks to the great action of MBC

On October 17, Black Pink promoted Lovesick Girls on MBC’s Music Core show. The YG female group is one of the three candidates competing for the trophy this week, along with Dynamite (BTS) and Slightly Tipsy (San Deul). Black Pink is the only candidate to perform live, while BTS and San Deul (B1A4) do not promote. Black Pink’s Lovesick Girls came in second with 8,566 points, while BTS won the 19th No.1 trophy for the song Dynamite with 10,127 points.

Losing, but this girl group has avoided an awkward situation. At the end of the show, Black Pink did not go on stage to hear the results, but the program only showed the scoreboard.Netizens said that because TV stations knew Black Pink would lose to BTS, it helped the YG girl group “less embarrassed” and awkward. Because of this action, Black Pink did not have to suffer the “humiliation” and awkward scene as at Music Core last week.

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At the show on 10/10, Black Pink looked quite confused and unhappy when losing to BTS.The group was also criticized for their bad attitude, low EQ for rushing away without staying for a while to congratulate BTS.

In addition, many people congratulated BTS for continuing to hold the trophy even though Dynamite has been released for almost 2 months. Some comments: “Fans of Black Pink should thank MBC. How confused Black Pink will be when the promotional song loses points to an English song released long ago”; “Only Black Pink is supported by the broadcaster. Probably because they are YG’s princesses”; “BTS is so amazing, it’s just an English single that doesn’t promote and still wins the No.1 trophy”; “Music Core handled it well to avoid a horrible battle between the two fandoms. Imagine how Black Pink would be criticized if they showed a sad face on today’s show”…

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