If hitting No.1 on Billboard, this idol will take off “Rabbit mask”.jpg

There is an idol with a rabbit mask appeared. “I would take off a mask if we get the first place on Billboard charts. Even the fans do not know her face.

Pink Fantasy is a 8 members girl group who debuted with the song Iriwa on October 24, 2018, consisting of Daewang, Aini, SeeA, Heesun, Yechan, Arang, Yubin, and Harin.

The member wearing the rabbit mask here is Daewang. Even in the album jacket, we can not see her face. She still keeps wearing a rabbit mask instead.

After checking her profile out. Her birth date was December 25, 2189. Hobby are playing with masks and Pink fantasy. The specialty is manipulating the pink fantasy, and disappearing. What about the key? Including ear, she’s 200cm tall.

Actually she’s still wearing a rabbit mask. And as she said that if they got Billboard chart # 1, she would reveal her face. Even the fans do not know her face.

Source: Dispatch

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