Former N.Flying/CNBLUE member talked about being kicked out of the group for dating a fan

Kwon Kwang Jin, who used to be a member of CNBLUE and N.Flying, talks about his past dating scandal and relationship with the members

On September 18th, Kwon Kwang Jin, a former idol who was fired for dating a fan, posted a video titled “We got married (former CNBLUE and N.Flying member).

In the video, Kwon Kwang Jin was introduced as an old idol from the groups CNBLUE and N.Flying, who withdrew due to rumors of dating a fan and other malicious rumors. Now he is working as the YouTuber “nomatterwhat”.

Kwon Gwangjin

The production team asked him about the post accusing him of exchanging intercourse with a fan. In response, Kwon Kwang Jin said, “I was just dating at the time.”

He humbly said, “The rumor was ridiculous, accusing me of sexual harassment, but I was not famous enough to make headlines.” When asked how he started to date the fan, Kwon Kwang Jin said, “It was fate, she’s my current wife.”

Kwon Gwangjin

Regarding the sexual harassment, he revealed that his wife’s close friend wrote the article. “She was jealous that I was seeing her (his wife), and I was shocked (to hear the news).” 

When asked about his idol activities and N.Flying, who reached the top after he left, he said, “I should have been the first one to go out, it’s good that I left.” When asked if he still contacts the members, he was cautious, saying, “I contacted them sometimes in the middle, but it’s been three years since I didn’t, and I think the fans will hate it if the members still contact me.” “So as soon as I withdrew, (the members) unfollowed me on Instagram, but I felt strange rather than sad to press unfollow.” When the production team asked, “Wasn’t it like a family relationship?” he honestly replied, “It’s a business relationship.”

Kwon Gwangjin

Referring to his past history of participating in CNBLUE’s Japanese album, the production team recalled the time when he spent his pocket money as living expenses because he did not receive money from the company. When the production team asked directly, “Do you have any intention of reporting FNC Entertainment to the Labor Office?” he also said, “I’ve called, I don’t want to get involved.”

Kwon Gwangjin

Meanwhile, Kwon Kwang Ji  made his debut as a member of FNC Entertainment’s band group N.Flying and received great love. However, in December 2018, he left the team after rumors of dating with a fan and allegations of sexual harassment were raised. In response, he said in this broadcast that he was dating a fan, but that sexual harassment was a rumor.

Source: daum

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