BLACKPINK fans are fighting as Jennie got a new song while Jisoo still has none 

Jisoo was the only BLACKPINK member to cover another artist’s song for her solo stage, causing a controversy among fans. 

BLACKPINK recently had two remarkable concert nights in Seoul, making a great kick start for their world tour. On the stage, the 4 members became one with their music and savored every moment of the show. However, BLACKPINK’s fandom is not so peaceful, and have recently engaged in a “fanwar” over Jennie and Jisoo.

Jisoo blackpink seoul concert
Jisoo covered the song “Liar” of Camila Cabello
Jennie blackpink seoul concert
Meanwhile, Jennie delivered a completely new song and showed off her talents in her solo stage

At the Korean concert, the two solo stages of Jennie and Jisoo both blew the audience away with their heated choreography and talent. However, Jennie was the center of attention due to her performance being a never-seen-before song. According to Jennie, this is an unreleased track, raising expectations. 

Jennie’s outstanding stage for the unreleased song

Meanwhile, despite her performance being phenomenal, fans still feel regret that Jisoo still doesn’t have her own song to perform. So far, 3 out of 4 BLACKPINK members have released their solo music, with Jisoo being the exception. As a result, many people are mad that Jennie already got a new song, while Jisoo still shows no sign of having her own solo album. 

Jisoo blackpink seoul concert
Jisoo exuded a next-level stage presence in her “Liar” stage

Several Jisoo stans (also known as “Sooya”) then took things to the next level by claiming that YG Entertainment has “mistreated” the female idol during the promotions for BLACKPINK’s recent album. They expressed anger that there are only 3 members on the thumbnail for title song “Shut Down” (with Jennie being the focus), that Jisoo’s clothes was not as well-prepared, and that the female idol still has no solo songs. 

Jisoo blackpink seoul concert
Jisoo stans are mad at YG Entertainment during BLACKPINK’s latest comeback
Jennie blackpink seoul concert
Jennie has a lot of iconic moment in BLACKPINK’s Seoul concert 

On the other hand, Jensetters (fans of Jennie) felt that there’s nothing wrong with Jennie getting a new solo song after 4 years, especially with her outstanding talent and stage presence. Jennie also learned ballet and has great control over her expressions for the best performance, and so are deserving of further promotions, said fans. 

Jennie blackpink seoul concert
Jennie learned ballet for her new solo stage 

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • Jisoo was so lit this time! Too bad it’s only a cover 
  • Jennie performing an unreleased song is the best of best
  • I can’t help but feel sorry for Jisoo… She’s still covering songs while her groupmate already get new ones
  • You guys keep comparing solo songs, but Jisoo was the female lead for an entire drama! She also said that she’s not in rush for a solo debut  
  • Jennie’s last solo was 4 years ago, it’s about time she returns 
  • Jennie’s stage was truly out of this world, the song deserves an official release!

Source: K14

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