Comedian Lee Se-young shows her nose a month after undergoing plastic surgery, “I told the doctor to make it look like Jo Yu-ri and aespa Winter’s noses…”

Comedian Lee Se-young reported on her situation in the first month after undergoing nose surgery.

Lee Se-young uploaded a video on her Youtube channel on April 13th and talked about how she has been doing with her nose surgery. In response to questions from subscribers, the female comedian also revealed some information, such as the hospital and surgery methods.

Lee Se-young expressed that she was very satisfied with the result of her nose surgery. She turned her head to the side and bragged about her nose, saying, “I guess I will continue to boast about my nose”.

Lee Se-young then explained how she had her nose done. She entrusted everything of the surgery to the doctor but silently wished, “Hope the tip of my nose would look rounder and higher”. She said that she took some photos of celebrities to help the doctor understand what she wants. In fact, those were photos of aespa’s Winter and Jo Yu-ri.

At the time of the surgery, Lee Se-young demanded, “I hope my nose would be a combination of these two’s noses”. It seems like the result came out the way she wanted so she kept bragging about it, saying, “I’m completely satisfied. My nose tip is now a bit higher and looks prettily rounder”.

In addition, fans also recommended that Lee Se-young take a photo if the result of the surgery came out as she wanted. Therefore, she emphasized, “I’ll show you for sure”.

Lee Se-young

Netizens also gave enthusiastic responses, “It looks so naturally pretty”, “This is the prettiest nose done by plastic surgery that I’ve ever seen”, “You’re getting prettier. I enjoyed watching your review”, etc. 

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