BTS’s Suga set new amazing records as a soloist on Billboard Hot 100 with ‘Girl Of My Dreams’

‘Girls of My Dreams’ by Juice WRLD and BTS’s Suga has a spectacular debut on Billboard Hot 100 this Christmas season.

Although Juice WLRD passed away in 2019, his unfinished songs continue to be completed and introduced to the public. On December 10, the album ‘Fighting Demons‘ of the American male rapper was officially released, featuring multiple famous artists in the industry. One of the tracks that draw the most attention is ‘Girl of My Dreams‘, an English and Korean song in collaboration with BTS’s Suga. This is also the second time Juice WLRD has worked on music with BTS since the single ‘All Night‘ in 2019.

Juice WLRD suga

‘Girl of My Dreams’ was released digitally on December 10, as one of the promotional singles for the album ‘Fighting Demons’. BTS fans have enthusiastically supported the song, but they were not specifically aiming for a high ranking on Billboard Hot 100, especially during the Christmas season – when holiday songs are charting high. To everyone’s surprise, the song eventually helps Suga earn numerous new impressive titles. 

Juice WRLD – Girl Of My Dreams (with Suga from BTS) [Official Audio]

Specifically on December 20 (US time), Billboard confirmed that ‘Girl of My Dream’s by Juice WRLD (with SUGA from BTS) officially debuted at No.29 Billboard Hot 100. This is the best achievement that any track from ‘Fighting Demons’ recorded. Since Suga is given credit for this song by Billboard as a solo artist, he has become the owner of a series of new admirable milestones and records as listed below.

Girl of My Dream
Girl of My Dream

SUGA is a Kpop solo artist with the 2nd highest Hot 100 debut song in history (No.29). The highest achievement belongs to PSY with No.12 for ‘Gentleman’ in April 2013.

SUGA is the 3rd Korean artist (after PSY and BTS) to debut in the TOP 30 of Billboard Hot 100.

SUGA is the K-pop solo artist with the highest charting song (No.29) on Hot 100 in 2021. He broke Rosé‘s previous record with ‘On The Ground’ (No.70).

SUGA is the BTS member with the highest charting song on Hot 100. The interesting part is Suga himself… broke his previous record with ‘Daechwita‘ (No.76) but back then he was active under the stage name AGUST D.

This week, ‘Girl of My Dreams‘ by Juice WRLD and SUGA reached No.1 on the Digital Song Sales chart with 40,000 sales. Thus, SUGA officially became the first Korean solo artist to debut at No.1 on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart.

Girl of My Dream
Girl of My Dream

The achievements of ‘Girl of My Dreams’ are even more amazing considering the following facts: The song was only announced to come out less than a day before its release, it has no MV and no Lyrics Video, no radio airplay and no big promotion. Notably, this is the time when Christmas songs are taking over the charts, so Juice WLRD and SUGA being able to debut in TOP 30 is a huge surprise.

In addition, here are some other achievements of ‘Girl of My Dreams’ on other official Billboard charts:

Debut No.37 on Billboard Global 200 

Debut No.55 at Billboard Global Excl. U.S. 

Debut No.3 on Billboard Hot Rap Songs

Debut No.14 on Billboard Rap Streaming Songs

Debut No.3 on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs 

Debut No.25 on Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Streaming Songs.

Debuted at No.56 on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 

Girl of My Dream

Congratulations to Juice WLRD and BTS’s Suga for their outstanding achievements on Billboard Hot 100 with ‘Girl of My Dreams’!

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