BTS modeled for the first ever collab photoshoot between GQ and VOGUE to celebrate the 2022 New Year

BTS’s photoshoot for the 2022 New Year edition is the first ever collab between GQ and VOGUE, which is currently a hot topic online in Korea.  

Recently, BTS shocked everyone with a very special fashion photoshoot. According to the news, this is the first collaboration between VOGUE and GQ Korea for the 2022 New Year edition, sponsored by Louis Vuitton and modeled by BTS. This is a very special pictorial as these 2 fashion magazines have never worked with each other for a New Year edition before.


Even more shocking, both VOGUE and GQ have confirmed that BTS will appear on the New Year edition’s cover of both GQ and VOGUE in 12 different countries and territories simultaneously. The Korean media has confirmed that there had been no artist to appear on 12 covers of both magazines at the same time like this. This means that, apart from GQ Korea and VOGUE Korea, BTS will also appear in 12 other countries/territories such as VOGUE Hong Kong, VOGUE Singapore, GQ Japan, GQ Australia,…


Adding to the excitement, GQ and VOGUE recently released a series of photos of BTS dressed in Louis Vuitton fashion. Let’s take a look through the photoshoot that is taking over Korea by storm.







Currently, GQ x Vogue is continuing to reveal more impressive photos of BTS and all of them have become hot topics on Korean online forums. Many Knets said that the members’ visuals in this series of photos were “impeccable”, and that the atmosphere they presented was also attractive and unique. Some people also humorously pointed out that while others gave off a cool vibe, Jimin was like a “cotton candy” with his distinct cuteness.

However, in the comments section, the two members that made Knets exclaim the most were Jin and V. Both male idols were praised for their manly and perfect sculptural beauty. While V continued to be likened to Western actors, Jin‘s series of photos were compared to concept images that he took during his debut days to prove that he still looks the same. The only different thing was that his facial features got much sharper.

bts jin

Some comments:

– Jin is definitely my ideal type. 

– V is so crazy!!

– Park Jimin is the only one who looks cute!!

– Min Yoongi, I’m going to sue you!

– Wow Taehyung… wow Seokjin… wow Jimin… I’m crying!

– My world stopped when I saw Jin.

– I like the unique and fresh atmosphere of Jungkook’s pictures!

– Jimin is photogenic, cute and sexy~~~ Hurry up and ship the magazine to me!!

– They’re all so handsome!

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