Japanese actor Noiri Toshiki fell down the stairs and died at age 33 

After falling down the stairs and seriously injuring his head, Japanese actor Noiri Toshiki passed away at 33 years old. 

On the morning of January 3rd, Yahoo Japan reported that actor Noiri Toshiki died of a cerebral hemorrhage at a hospital in Tokyo. His death came suddenly at the age of 33. 

According to theater officials, Toshiki accidentally fell on the stairs of a restaurant in Tokyo on the night of December 29th and hit his head. He was immediately rushed to the emergency room and treated in the ICU (intensive care unit), but was declared death on January 2nd. 

Noiri Toshiki

Noiri Toshiki, born in 1989, is a member of the Japanese theater company LDH. He is the grandson of the well-known late Japanese actress Harue Akagi.

It is known that the actor pursued his career path despite the opposition of his parents, and has continued his acting activities by starring in plays, movies, dramas, and music videos. 

He recently appeared in dramas such as TV Tokyo’s “Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!” , NHK’s “Hotarugusa Nana no Ken”, and Asahi Tv’s “Hagetaka”. 

Source: Yahoo Japan, Daum

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