Famous trot singer, who has performed over 1000 military morale-boosting concerts, talks about the time she suffered cerebral hemorrhage

Trot singer and Korean traditional musician Park Gyu Ri (Park Kang Hee) revealed how she overcame cerebral hemorrhage.

Park Gyu Ri appeared on TV Chosun’s “Healthy House”, which aired on January 2nd, and shared talks with the MCs.

Park Gyuri

Visiting Park Gyu Ri’s house, MC Jo Young Gu introduced, “Today’s main character is Park Gyu Ri, the ‘original president of the army’ who transformed from a Korean traditional musician to a trot singer and performed more than 1000 morale-boosting concerts in the military.”

Park Gyuri

In response, Park Gyu Ri greeted, “I’m singer Park Gyu Ri, who can show good chemistry with you”, adding “I’m here to make a match in heaven with you all. I’m meeting you guys on my way to broadcasts and events.”

She continued, “In the past, I almost died due to health problems”, drawing attention by making an unexpected confession.

Park Gyuri

Park Gyu Ri shocked everyone when she confessed, “One day when I was giving a lecture before carrying out my singing activities, I suffered a headache that I had never experienced before in my life. It hurt like thunder and lightning just hit my head”. She added, I couldn’t see anything because my vision went blurred and my optic nerves burst. Everything turned gray, and I couldn’t recognize any shapes in front of my eyes.”

Park Gyuri

She continued, “I was hurriedly hospitalized and then diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage”. Regarding having cerebral hemorrhage at such a young age, the singer shared, “Families of both my mom and dad have diabetes. My father has also been battling diabetes for 4 years”, drawing regret.

Park Gyu Ri said, “When I was seriously sick due to cerebral hemorrhage, I was so afraid that my life would end like that”, adding “Fortunately, I was treated well, and it completely changed my lifestyle. Now I’m living healthily with no aftereffect.”

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