“1 Night 2 Days” sees rise in ratings thanks to Na In-woo, the new member who filled Kim Seon-ho’s vacancy

After actor Na In-woo joined “1 Night 2 Days Season 4”, its ratings are rising rapidly.

According to Nielsen Korea on Feb 21st, the Feb 20th broadcast of KBS2’s “1 Night 2 Days Season 4” recorded a rating of 15.6% based on households nationwide. It ranked first among programs on Sunday. New member Na In-woo’s performance raised the viewership rating of “1 Night 2 Days Season 4“, which was around 10%.

1 Night 2 Days ratings

In particular, the scene of Moon Se-yoon‘s tears, who won the hunting game, soared to the highest rating per minute of 28.3% and made viewers burst into laughter. Na In-woo first appeared in episode 112, which aired on Feb 13th. At that time, the viewership rating was 12.8%, the same figure as the highest rating ever recorded this year.

1 Night 2 Days ratings

Na In-woo joined “1 Night 2 Days Season 4” as a new member to fill the vacancy of actor Kim Seon-ho, who dropped out of the show due to controversy over his private life in October last year. Na In-woo caught the character by giving off a “wackiness” from the first broadcast, and showed off a positive chemistry with the members in just two episodes, raising expectations for future broadcasts.

Meanwhile, “1 Night 2 Days Season 4” airs every Sunday at 6:30 PM.


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