Netizens laughed out loud at a camera director who forgot his main job when facing aespa

A camera director forgot his main job when he faced aespa.


On Dec 20th, archery player An San uploaded a review of her visit to the “2021 SBS Entertainment Awards” held on Dec 18th through Instagram.

When An San saw aespa members in real life, she could not help but exclaim that they were the best.

An San showed her “fan spirit” by capturing aespa‘s stage directly on her cell phone.


There was a person who fell in love with aespa as much as An San. It was a camera director who was checking the stage.

When the chorus of aespa‘s “Next Level” came out, the camera director stopped what he was doing and focused on following the choreography.

The timing, beat and hand angle were perfect enough to catch the attention of the audience at the scene.


When the highlight dance part was over, the camera director casually returned to work as if nothing had happened, making everyone burst into laughter.

Afterwards, the camera director clapped like a seal as aespa completed their performance.

Meanwhile, aespa is scheduled to deliver a special stage at the “2021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon” to be held on Dec 31st.


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