Kim Woo-bin’s personality behind the camera has been revealed, a child actress said it all

Another story related to actor Kim Woo-bin’s personality came out.

Child actress Choi Yu-ri certified a gift she received from actor Kim Woo-bin, who appeared in the same movie with her, on her Instagram on July 22nd.

According to her explanation, Kim Woo-bin asked Choi Yu-ri if she wanted anything as a graduation gift. When she said she wanted a pencil case, he gave her the latest iPhone model as well as a pencil case.

Choi Yu-ri thanked Kim Woo-bin by changing the background photo of the iPhone to a photo she took with him. Choi Yu-ri’s mother said, “Whenever I met him on the set, I was always grateful for his gift for Yu-ri, but he gave her an even bigger gift. I’m grateful,” she said. “Kim Woo-bin is kind and friendly. He went with Yu-ri to buy her a long padded jacket, saying she shouldn’t be cold on the filming set,” she explained.

Choi Yu-ri filmed with Kim Woo-bin in the movie “Alienoid”. After attending the movie premiere on Wednesday, she also uploaded a photo with actress Kim Tae-ri.

The movie “Alienoid,” in which they starred together, was released on July 20th.

Source: wikitree

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