Will BTS successfully continue activities after hiatus due to enlistment like these boy groups? 

Some K-pop boy groups went on hiatus for years because of military service, but when they returned, they continued to achieve success. Will the same go for BTS? 

For many K-pop boy groups, members’ enlistment can be a huge blow to the whole group’s activities, as their popularity can go down hill due to long hiatus. Several groups have chosen to disband or not renew their contracts with the agencies, instead of trying to regain their fame. However, the following groups are the exceptions.

Super Junior

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It took Super Junior, one of Korea’s top boy groups, about 10 years for all the members to complete their military service one by one. In 2019, the complete group reunited for their “Super Show 8” world tour and thanked fans for waiting patiently for all the members’ return. Currently, Super Junior is still active. They recently released their 11th album “The Road: Keep On Going” in July.


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2PM made a comeback in 2021 after a 5-year hiatus, along with Taecyeon’s departure from JYP Entertainment. 2PM released a new album titled “Must” in 2021, just a few months after the youngest member of the group was discharged from the army.

However, after the promotions for “Must” ended, 2PM members focused on solo activities. Chansung also got married and became a father. Therefore, fans are still waiting for 2PM’s next comeback.


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BIGBANG, which originally consisted of 5 members, temporarily stopped all joint activities in 2018. After that, member Seungri got into a scandal and was forced to leave the group. The other members had to do their military service, and the last ones to be discharged in November 2019 were Taeyang and Daesung. In early 2022, T.O.P left YG Entertainment. Amid fans’ confusion about the group’s future, BIGBANG suddenly released a new single, Still Life, which immediately dominated many music charts.



Although the youngest member, Taemin, is still performing his military service, group SHINee has also managed to maintain joint activities thanks to the release of songs in 2021, after the 3 members have been discharged from the army.

The group just celebrated its 14th anniversary in May 2022, with the announcement that they will make a strong comeback in 2023. At that time, the three members Onew, Minho and Key shared photos taken in front of a giant screen with the words “” 2023 SHINee is back”.

Source: K14

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