“Why G-Dragon can do it, but Lee Hyo-ri can’t?” Politician Jeon Yeo-ok’s answer to this is…

Former lawmaker Jeon Yeo-ok again expressed negative opinions on the opening of the cafe by Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon. 

Former lawmaker Jeon Yeo-ok posted a long post on her Facebook page on July 4th, saying, “You asked me a very harsh question.” Jeon Yeo-ok, who previously criticized the opening of Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon’s cafe in Jeju, continued to write another post to answer the refutation of some netizens.

Jeon Yeo-ok said, “I don’t blame Lee Hyo-ri for singing. Lee Sang-soon’s music is also good. It’s good for the couple to be singers, musicians, and entertainers. But do they really need to open a coffee shop? And it’s even on the narrow Jeju Island,” she said. “A coffee shop is strong. It’s even better than the “Retired Chicken Restaurant.” Isn’t there a class for Lee Hyo-ri and her husband?”

Lee Hyori Lee Sang-soon

Jeon Yeo-ok continued, “Then why don’t they plan a Jeju Music Festival and promote it like the Busan Film Festival? Why do they have to do a coffee shop?” she said in a criticizing manner.

When a netizen asked, “G-Dragon and Park Han-byul also have coffee shops, but why can’t Lee Hyo-ri?” she replied, “G-Dragon is a thorough entertainer. However, Lee Hyo-ri is a social entertainer. Lee Hyo-ri has shown her thoughts through her actions, including her support for the Ssangyong’s laid-off workers.”

“Freedom of thought and expression, okay~ Then you should always look around. I’m talking about the situation of people who are running coffee shops in Jeju Island,” she said, insisting that there should be consistency in progressive values.

lee hyori lee sang soon

She said, “I admire many celebrities who are doing restaurants and coffee shops ‘for a living.’ This is because those are desperate means of survival in this “winner-take-all” entertainment industry with no irregular income and severance pay,” but also claimed that “Lee Hyo-ri has a lot of ‘entertainment show’ and “stage” that guarantees high incomes. She doesn’t have to run a coffee shop to make a living.”

When asked, “Why are you criticizing only Lee Hyo-ri?” Jeon Yeo-ok added, “I just don’t understand why Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon, who left for Jeju Island because the public’s attention are burdensome for them, open a coffee shop.”

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Finally, to the criticism that “Jung Yong-jin has Starbucks and Baek Jong-won have several restaurant chains, why can’t Lee Hyo-ri do it?” she replied, “If a top-class like Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon decided to open a coffee shop, it should be a job, not a hobby.”

“If she is going to turn Jeju Island into an island of coffee with a ‘Hyoribucks’ chain against Jung Yong-jin? If Lee Hyo-ri and her husband invest their capital and efforts to collaborate with small coffee shop owners, they will be very welcome,” she insisted.

Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri opened a cafe in Gujwa-eup, Jeju on July 1st. On the first day after its opening, a large crowd gathered in front of the cafe so big that it paralyzed the surrounding area.

Source: Daum

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