Jin Ji-hee had a cute movie-like reunion with Cha Jun-hwan after 11 years on Running Man

Actress Jin Ji-hee and figure skater Cha Joon-hwan met for the first time after 11 years.

On the latest episode of SBS’s variety show “Running Man,” which aired on March 13, Cha Jun-hwan and Jin Ji-hee appeared as guests.

ji jin hee cha jun hwan

In the past, Cha Joon-hwan and Jin Ji-hee have previously appeared on SBS’s show “Sunday – Kim Yu-na’s Kiss & Cry” and tried figure skating together. At that time, videos of Cha Jun-hwan training Jin Ji-hee, who is two years older, became a hot topic again, and many people wanted the two to reunite.

In the latest episode of “Running Man,” the two felt awkward with each other and greeted each other by doing the 90-degree bow, drawing laughter. Jin Ji-hee said, “It’s my first time seeing him in 11 years. We don’t know each other’s numbers. I came here to exchange numbers with him,” she said with a smile. Yoo Jae-seok said, “Ji-hee appeared on ‘Running Man’ four months ago, but she seems different today.”

ji jin hee cha jun hwan

Yang Se-chan regretted, saying, “My fantasy is all broken,” and Haha also said, “I thought the two would hug each other.” Yoo Jae-seok asked, “What kind of person was Cha Jun-hwan?” and Jin Ji-hee said, “He was a tiger teacher.” “He was a tsundere. He took good care of me behind the scenes and was strict to me in front of the camera,” she recalled.

ji jin hee cha jun hwan

Jeon So-min showed a face full of excitement, saying, “This is such a drama-like meeting.” In response, Jin Ji-hee said, “When people heard that he was going to appear, my girl friends contacted me, saying “I’m so jealous,” “I’m jealous, I’m a fan of his,” she laughed.

Yoo Jae-seok expressed his satisfaction, saying, “I don’t know what this story will be like, but you two grew up really well.”

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