This performance proves that only YG artists can cover other YG artists, so perfect TREASURE might lose their hit to “this group”?

The cover performance is highly praised by netizens.

TREASURE recently has a successful comeback with “JIKJIN”, which YG invested hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the MV. Aside from the expensive MV, “JIKJIN” melody and choreo also received an impressive investment. A dance-hiphop track with a complex choreography has created a very YG-ish performance.

Due to the song’s high difficulty, it’s not easy to cover “JIKJIN”. However, on Mar 12th, TREASURE’s senior artist, iKON, has released an impressive cover of “JIKJIN”.


TREASURE has 12 members while iKON only have 6, but it’s enough for the group to perfectly execute the song. From Jinhwan, Junhoe’s vocal, DK’s dance to Bobby’s distinct rap…all have come together to create a very different “JIKJIN”.

After watching iKON’s cover performance of JIKJIN, many people suddenly realized the fact that TREASURE and iKON have similar music colors. JIKJIN suits iKON so well that it sounds so much like a song dedicated to iKON. This has once again proved “only YG artists can cover YG’s songs”.

Some comments from netizens:

– It’s true that only YG idols can cover YG songs

– YG music is so unique that only YG idols can make perfect covers of its songs

– This cover is even better than the original version

– I thought no one could cover JIKJIN. iKON is so amazing

– When will iKON make a comeback?

– Maybe it is originally an iKON’s song? It unexpectedly suits them so well.

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