Lee Hyo-ri & Lee Sang-soon’s cafe, apologize and close after 2 days… “Change into reservation system”

The cafe opened by Lee Hyo-ri & Lee Sang-soon posted an apology two days after its opening and expressed its intention to change into “reservation system”.

“Longplay Jeju”, which the two newly opened, posted on its official Instagram on July 2nd, “A lot of people came to Longplay today. Those who waited for a long time in the hot weather, those who returned home because we ran out of ingredients and could not receive more customers. Thank you so much and we are sorry. As we are afraid that we would cause inconvenience to nearby residents, we decided that we should operate through reservation system for the time being.

The cafe added, “We ask for your understanding, and first of all, we will take a break tomorrow (Sunday, July 3rd) for reorganization. When the reservation system is introduced, we will first notify you through our Instagram account. Once again, we are sorry and thank you. Longplay coffee & music.

In fact, Lee Hyo-ri & Lee Sang-soon‘s cafe became a hot topic by word of mouth within a day of opening to the extent that the nearby area was paralyzed. The cafe, which was opened in Dongbok-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju, stood out with its modern interior. Lee Sang-soon made coffee himself and Lee Hyo-ri served, making it a hot place on Instagram in one day.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyo-ri & Lee Sang-soon got married in 2013 and are living on Jeju Island. Lee Hyo-ri recently appeared on TVING’s “Seoul Check-in” while Lee Sang-soon is appearing on JTBC’s “New Festa”.

Source: nate

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