VMAN magazine releases exclusive behind video and interview of BTS’s V at the Celine Fashion Show

BTS V’s appearance while preparing his own costumes before the Celine Fashion Show and interviews have been released, captivating fans around the world.

The men’s fashion magazine VMAN released an interview video of V on its official Instagram and said, “Ahead of Celine Homme’s Summer 23 collection, we got an inside look at BTS V’s getting ready process at the Peninsula Hotel in Paris for the show”.

In an interview at the rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel, where the Eiffel Tower can be seen, V shared, “I’m here to see the Celine Show today. I’m so excited. Thanks Hedi for having me.

V’s handsomeness under the natural light of Paris caught the eyes of netizens. His unrealistic visual with black hair, clear skin and innocent vibe drew admiration. V’s classic and chic atmosphere matches perfectly with the splendid view of Paris with elegant and antique architecture. 

V thanked Hedi Slimane for inviting him to the Paris Fashion Week and said, “Hedi invited me to the show. I’ve met Hedi before, so I’m looking forward to seeing a different side of Hedi that I haven’t seen before. I am very excited for tonight.

Celine’s costumes with various designs in the hotel dress room were shown. In particular, the intense red leather jacket V wore when he attended the fashion show, the leopard printed fur shirt he wore on the hotel’s rooftop as well as his suit at the afterparty drew keen attention.

Selecting the red leather jacket to wear at the fashion show, V explained, “I chose these costumes because I think they represent Hedi’s aesthetics very well”.

The video then shows V choosing clothes and posing at the hotel with cheers from thousands of fans. He showed off his aura while being surrounded by photographers. The video also contains the moment when the streets of Paris and Celin’s megastar were blocked by crowds.

V was personally invited by Hedi Slimane to the Celine Show. It is known that Hedi Slimane treated V really well. According to VMAN magazine, the hotel where V stayed is the Peninsula Hotel in Paris. In several pictures taken by V, it seems to be the Luft Garden suite room with a terrace and a garden.  The daily accommodation free for this room is known to be around 20 million won, suggesting Hedi Slimane’s special affection for V. 

At the Paris Fashion Week, V surprised the global fashion world with his extraordinary popularity and influence, proving Hedi Slimane’s brilliant decision of inviting V to the show.

Source: daum

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