A Vietnamese boygroup – FOR7 copied the concept of GOT7?

International fan community is expressing outrage at FOR7, the group was accused of copying GOT7’s concept.

Recently, Vpop’s boygroup FOR7 has officially released a poster revealing the name of the song called Anh Dung Day Tu Chieu.  This is a composition by musician Do Hieu, making many people predict that the boy group’s debut song will have a vibrant melody and choreography.

Recently, the boy group has released the poster and vocal learning vide. After that, FOR7 will have its official debut at the end of this May. The group’s announced debut date will be 24th

However, just revealed the poster, the international Kpop fan community was angry. They thought that FOR7 has plagiarized the concept and outfits of GOT7.  

Currently, the Vietnamese boygroup has not responded to this incident.  However, on Twitter, just searching for the keyword FOR7, netizens will find a lot of posts expressing their frustration about this Vietnamese group copying GOT7’s names, concepts, outfits, or even posters.

Source: k14

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