A KTV in China was fined 10,000 yuan for having 2 Kris Wu songs on the playlist

A KTV in Guangdong was fined because of two songs by Kris Wu.

Recently, a KTV in China was fined for 2 songs by Kris Wu in the playlist. when officials from the Department of Culture, Television, Tourism, and Sports of Southern Austria District, Guangdong Province came to a KTV in this district to conduct an inspection according to regulations. In the process, they discovered that KTV’s song selection system still displayed two of Kris Wu’s songs: “Coffee” and “Dawn.”

Since these are two songs of the banned artist, they also became banned songs, causing this KTV to violate the provisions of the government code and be fined 10,000 yuan.

On September 21, the karaoke bar said that all banned songs have been removed from the system and they have also paid fines in accordance with regulations.

This KTV also said that they did not intentionally break the law. Previously, the bar had deleted all banned songs, however, during the deletion, there were a few mistakes that caused the system to re-display these two deleted songs.

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