“Even if you’re a fan, this is…” Lee Young-ji’s behavior towards Crush, cross the line

Lee Young-ji’s action towards Crush, who appeared on the YouTube channel “Although there is nothing much prepared”, attracted netizens’ attention.

Crush appeared as a guest on “Although there is nothing much prepared”, which was released on Sep 23rd. Lee Young-ji poured beer for Crush and gave him two consecutive glasses full of bubbles.

Netizens who saw this scene commented, “Young-ji, you should post an apology”, “Doing that to your senior twice is over the line”, “Young-ji, don’t do that”…

Meanwhile, Crush made a comeback with his new single “Rush Hour” on Sep 22nd. Crush was in charge of the overall production, including lyrics, composition and arrangement, while BTS J-Hope and Penomeco participated in the lyrics.

Source: wikitree

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