TWICE’s members are absent on stage continuously due to health problems

Fans are ectremely worried because TWICE are burdened by many injuries recently. 2 member, Mina and Dahyun, even have to be absent from some performance due to their deteriorating health.

Recently, JYP announced that Mina will be absent from 2 of TWICE’s schedule. Specifically, she won’t be able to appear and perform at the Music Station on July 5th and Pocari Sweat Challenge Teen Festa on July 7th.

The reason is due to her healthy which makes her unable to perform on stage. Before that, during her appearance at the airport to fly to Japan, Mina seemed very tired and exhausted. The members even had to help her move.

After that, on July 7th, JYP Entertainment announced that TWICE will perform at the Pocari Sweat Challenge Teen Festa with a 7-member formation. Dahyun is the next member to be absent due to her health problem.

Fans are very worried after the continuous absence of 2 members due to health problem and exhaustion. They are even questioning the condition of the remaining 7 members.

At a show in Philippines recently, fans also discovered that 4 out of 9 members were having health issues.

TWICE is a famous girl group with a very busy schedule. This JYP girl group are restlessly going back and forth between Korea and Japan to promote their new albums while going on their world tour “TWICELIGHTS”.

The tight schedule is said to be the main reason why TWICE’s health is deteriorating fast without any time to recover after injuries. The public are asking JYP to lessen the amount of work to protect the girls’ health.

Sources: zing

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