Jo In-sung delivered New Year greeting with Buddhist monk Pomnyun and shared stories, “I want to do various acting activities even when I’m not the main character”

Jo In-sung shared his New Year greetings together with Buddhist monk Pomnyun.

Jo In-sung

On January 7th, actor Jo In-sung showed up on the live broadcast of Buddhist monk Pomnyun and delivered his New Year greeting.

On this day, Buddhist monk Pomnyun asked Jo In-sung various things about his recent movie “Mogadishu”. In response, Jo In-sung said, “About 3.62 million audiences came to watch the movie. It was the highest record among Korean films released this year. Thanks to many people’s concern and support, the movie promotion ended well with good results amidst bad situations.”

He continued, “Our film industry is still following social distancing regulations due to the pandemic, so we were not allowed to show the movie on screen after 8 P.M. As the revenue was reduced by more than half and there was also psychological impacts, the whole industry had suffered from lots of difficulties”, adding, “In the meantime, many people came to watch our movie, so I was like, ‘I almost got in trouble, where did this come from?’.”

Jo In-sung

When the Buddhist monk Pomnyun asked whether the movie would have exceeded 10 million tickets sold in the situation without pandemic, Jo In-sung cautiously answered, “I could have expected it to exceed 10 million”.

Pomnyun also asked Jo In-sung about his recent status. Jo In-sung said, “Now I want to do various acting activities. I want to do various works and play small characters that might not be the main character but useful for the production. I recently filmed a movie, and now as the OTT platform has grown, I’m also filming a drama called ‘Moving,'” he shared.

Jo In-sung laughed, saying, “I decorated the background reflected on the camera with balloons for this day.” He continued, “I decorated a little because I heard the video was filmed today. Happy New Year,” he said, tilting his body to the side to make the balloons more visible.

Jo In-sung

In addition, Jo In-sung said he was steadily studying his mind. When asked by Buddhist monk Pomnyun if there is anything different from before, he said, “I’m not sure what to tell you exactly, but I’m less distressed for now. That’s why I’m doing it.”

Regarding his 2022 plan, “I plan to do various volunteer activities through the Buddhist ceremony once a month. I have made a one-year plan for doing these activities while doing my personal activities,” he said.


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