BLACKPINK is on top trending even without making a comeback: BTS is suddenly dragged into controversy

BTS and BLACKPINK’s fandoms suddenly had a fierce debate

Up to now, except for the solo activities of each member, BLACKPINK has not released any new songs for 1 year and 2 months.  In 2021, the girls hardly had any activities together except for the online concert “The Show” taking place in January.

The last comeback of the YG girl group was with the song “Lovesick Girls” released in October 2020.  BLINKs continuously cried out in displeasure when they saw the group’s empty schedule board. 


However, the charm of BLACKPINK almost never decreases.  The group still achieved great results thanks to old products.

On January 7, Gaon officially announced the summary rankings for 2021, including 4 categories: Songs with the highest digital scores, most downloaded songs, most streamed songs and best-selling albums.  BLACKPINK did not make a comeback in the year but still gained an “unprecedented” achievement.

BLACKPINK's ranking on Gaon Album Chart
BLACKPINK’s ranking on Gaon Album Chart

In the Best-Selling Album chart, BLACKPINK occupies 4 positions in the top 100. Lisa and Rosé‘s solo albums “landed” at 20th and 25th respectively. Meanwhile, their first full album The Album and mini-album “Kill This Love” also appeared at number 56 and 89 even though they were released a long time ago.

In particular, this is the 3rd year in a row that BLACKPINK‘s mini-album “Kill This Love” entered Gaon’s year-end chart, making the group the only girl group in history to have a music product achieve this feat.

BLACKPINK's Gaon Chart

In addition, BLACKPINK is also the only girl group in Kpop history to be named in Gaon’s 50 songs with the highest digital scores for 6 consecutive years, from 2016 to 2021.

BLACKPINK's Gaon Chart

Besides the group’s common achievements, Lisa and Rosé also have their own records.  Lisa‘s single album LALISA has become the best-selling album of 2021 in the field of female solo artists.  Rosé‘s solo album -R- also entered all year-end charts announced by Gaon.

BLACKPINK's Gaon Chart
BLACKPINK's Gaon Chart

BLACKPINK is truly a one-of-a-kind girl group as they still set records and gain achievements that surpass them of many other colleagues in the industry even without making any comebacks.  Fans of the group are of course extremely happy to see their idols succeed.

As a way to celebrate the achievement, BLINKs môbrought the hashtag “BLACKPINK PAVED THEIR OWN WAY” to the top of global trends on Twitter.  But this action inadvertently made some BTS fans uncomfortable, leading to the two fandoms fighting fiercely.


Specifically, some BTS fans believe that BLACKPINK has achieved their current success thanks to the HYBE boy group paved the way for them.  The phrase “BTS paved the way” is a familiar slogan of BTS fans whenever the group achieves something.  At this year’s Gaon chart, BTS also dominated the Kpop best-selling album category, with 2.9 million copies of the album Butter sold.

BLACKPINK paved their own way
BLACKPINK paved their own way

While BTS fans trended the hashtag to celebrate the group’s achievements, the keyword “BLACKPINK paved their own way” appeared again, leading to controversies between the two fandoms.  However, BLACKPINK fans insist that what the YG girl group has now is thanks to their own talent and charm, unrelated to BTS.

BLACKPINK paved their own way
BLACKPINK paved their own way

While BLACKPINK fans find ARMYs‘ arguments ridiculous, BTS‘ fandom insists that BTS became the biggest idol group on the planet from the “zero”, so the group deserves to be considered the ones who “pave the way” for the K-pop industry.

While a part of fandom ARMY and BLINK debated each other fiercely, the majority felt this battle was extremely silly. Gaon’s chart was the place to honor all the idols with outstanding achievements during the year.  Therefore, it is natural and normal for both BTS and BLACKPINK to achieve unprecedented records.

Each group has its own strengths, and they are all top Kpop groups right now.  So spending time arguing about who really “paved the way” for Kpop will only worsen the image of their idols. 



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