Yoon Eun-hye picked “Princess Hours” and “Coffee Prince” as the best dramas in her acting career

Participating in “Huh Young Man’s Food Travel”, actress Yoon Eun-hye talked about the all-time best works in her life.

Yoon Eun-hye appeared as a guest on TV Chosun’s entertainment program “Huh Young Man’s Food Travel” latest broadcast, which was aired on January 7th.

On this day, Yoon Eun-hye visited a red crab restaurant with Huh Young-man. Upon hearing Huh Young-man asked, “What are the drama that represents you?”, Yoon Eun-hye answered, “I have two most memorable works. One is ‘Princess Hours’, which was the first work that made my name be known to audiences.”

yoon eun hee

The actress then said, “And the other one is ‘Coffee Prince (The 1st shop of Coffee Prince)’. This drama was filmed during my heyday. Not only me but everyone was happy every day thanks to this work.”

yoon eun hee

In response, Huh Young-man jokingly said, “The title sounds good. Do we have ‘The 2nd shop of Coffee Prince’?”, drawing laughter.


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