How Lee Sun Hee and Lee Seo Jin are wrongly affected by Lee Seung Gi’s “settlement conflict” with Hook Ent.

Lee Sun Hee and Lee Seo Jin are suddenly accused out of nowhere after Lee Seung Gi accused his agency of unfair settlement.

While Lee Seung Gi is at odds with Hook Entertainment over the settlement of his music revenue, even unrelated artists of Hook are subjected to the controversy. In the case of Lee Sun Hee, she was known as the teacher who discovered Lee Seung Gi, and she was even listed as an in-house director of Hook in the past. As a result, she is not completely free from this controversy. However, even her schedule before Lee Seung Gi’s revelation are now dug back as controversial, producing the wrong victims.

On Dec 4th, Lee Sun Hee appeared on the KBS2 entertainment program “Immortal Songs” Patti Kim episode, surprising both Patti Kim, the audience, and the cast. She made a surprise appearance with a bouquet of flowers right after Patti Kim’s special stage, saying, “Senior, you’re still cool.” Lee Sun Hee created a touching atmosphere by sharing her sincere words of support for the great senior who returned to the stage after a long time.

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But the emotion was brief. As Lee Seung Gi said he had never received any of his music revenue in the 18 years since his debut, many responded that they were “uncomfortable” watching Lee Sun Hee, who is Lee’s teacher and an artist of Hook. The emotional scene of singers from 2 generations reuniting is dampened by a totally unrelated controversy.

Of course, even if Lee Sun Hee was not involved in Hook’s management or profit distribution, it is true that she cannot be completely excluded from this matter as she was registered as an in-house director of Hook for about 14 years from 2002 to 2018.

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However, the recording of Patti Kim’s episode of “Immortal Songs” took place on Nov 7th, before Lee Seung Gi revealed Hook’s brutality. Even if it was a schedule that took place after Lee Seung Gi’s revelation, there is still no reason for Lee Sun Hee to hide as she has not been revealed to have any correlation with the issue of Lee’s unpaid music revenue.

Earlier, Hook’s actor Lee Seo Jin was seen watching an NBA game in LA, USA. Some criticized him for ignoring the pain of Lee Seung Gi, who he had a strong relationship with. Many said this was just nitpicking, but these controversies continue to erupt as Lee Seung Gi is still unable to settle his music revenue.

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Just because one is an artist of a certain agency, they are not obligated to handle the atrocities of their agency and its representative. Beyond understanding and cheering for Lee Seung Gi’s fight against injustice and pain, criticizing the wrong people does nothing to solve the situation.

Source: Dailian

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