Lee Seung Gi reportedly sent an exclusive contract termination notice to Hook Ent today

Lee Seung Gi has issued a notice to Hook Entertainment to cancel his contract. 

As reported by News 1 on December 1st, Lee Seung Gi notified Hook of the termination of his exclusive contract earlier on the same day.

According to an official, Lee Seung Gi’s side recently sent a certification of content to Hook and received a reply in relation to the revenue settlement of his music releases. However, there was no proper answer other than what was already published through the media, such as the lack of data on the period before 2009.

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In addition, Hook acknowledged the fact that the music payments were not settled. As a result, Lee Seung Gi’s side confirmed that Hook had violated the obligations under his exclusive contract, and since no correction was made, it was announced that the exclusive contract was terminated.

An official from Lee Seung Gi’s side told News 1, “At this stage, where it is difficult to even clearly confirm the facts, it is hard to think of an amicable resolution with Hook.”

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Previously, Lee Seung Gi reportedly did not receive a single penny of settlement in revenue of his music releases from Hook despite having been active as a singer for 18 years since his debut in 2004 and having released a total of 137 songs.

Regarding this, Hook CEO Kwon Jin Young made a statement on November 21st, saying, “If the legal responsibility of Hook is clearly confirmed in the future, we will not back down or avoid taking full responsibility. We will be more careful not to cause any further concern to everyone.”

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On November 24th, Lee Seung Gi’s side conveyed his position that it was true that he had sent a certification of content related to his unpaid music bills to Hook through a legal representative. Lee Seung Gi’s side insisted, “Lee Seung Gi requested the details of the settlement several times, but Hook avoided providing the details by making various false excuses such as ‘You are a singer with negative profits’. During this process, Lee Seung Gi also heard insulting and threatening words from the CEO of his agency, etc.”

Later, on November 25th, Hook responded to the CEO’s abusive language released through the media, saying, “We apologize to Lee Seung Gi, who is having a hard time because of this, and also to those who were hurt by CEO Kwon Jin Young’s wrong words and actions.” At the same time, regarding the music revenue settlement, Hook said, “We want to clarify that the content that Hook has never paid for Lee Seung Gi’s music releases is different from the truth.”

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However, on November 28th, Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative refuted, saying, “Lee Seung Gi’s has never received a payment settlement from Hook, and we have no idea how Hook paid Lee Seung Gi.”

Afterwards, CEO Kwon Jin Young issued a statement to the press on November 30th, saying, “I think that responsibility must follow at the beginning and end of any dispute. I will bear full responsibility for the dispute with Lee Seung Gi.”

Source: Nate

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